Logo KulenKULEN water, Cambodia’s first mineral water from Mount Kulen, will be distributed during the race. The Kulara Water Company, the sponsor of the Angkor ultra trail and specialist in mineral waters, gives the following advice to the athletes who will participate in the race.

Hydration before, during and after an exercise is an essential factor in performance and well-being after a race. Studies have shown that a loss of water of 2% of the body weight represents a 20% drop in performance. We better understand the crucial role of hydration, especially on long trails.

Practical advice

During the race: drink in small sips, but often (every 20 minutes). Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink and especially in hot weather.

Kulen water adapted for the efforts

Very pure, Kulen water is particularly suitable to prevent athletes to demineralize during their long efforts. Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium are present without ever being excessive in quantities. Its high concentration of silicon also prevents the body from accumulating toxic metals such as aluminum.

Kulen water naturally filtered by sandstones

KULEN WATER is naturally filtered through the sandstones of Mount Kulen, a sacred mountain for the Cambodians and the cradle of the great Khmer civilization. These sandstones have been used to build the famous Angkor Temples!

Hydrate while drinking locally

Drinking Kulen water during the Angkor Ultra Trail will be particularly suitable! And what could be more magical than knowing that it comes from the nearby sacred mountain!

15,000 litres of water will be provided by Kulara Water Company.

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