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Dear friends,

Let me begyn by thanking all of you for taking part in Ultra Trail d’Angkor
All your questions will be answered in the new 2020 Runner’s Guide.
Runner’s Guide pending…
No need to print this guide, a paper version will be given to the withdrawal of bibs.

Jean Claude Le Cornec
Organizer of Ultra Trail d’Angkor

trait séparation

You will be able to retrieve your bib number at the Angkor Paradise Hotel in Siem Reap (adress: National road N°6  (Airport Road), Phum Sala Kanseng, Sangkat Svay Dangkoum):
– thursday 16th, 10AM to 7PM,
– friday 17th, 9AM to 6PM.

If you remove a bib for a friend, we will have to submit an authorization.

trait séparationdepartWe are now able to give you the time and place of your start lines:
We have planned*

On Saturday, 18 January at 4.00* am for the Ultra Trail of Angkor, 128 Km (UTA 128)
On Saturday, 18 January at 4.00* am for the Angkor Bayon Trail (64 km)
On Saturday, 18 January at 6.00* am for the Angkor Marathon Trail (42 km)
On Saturday, 18 January at 7.00* am for the Angkor Jungle Trail (32 km)
On Saturday, 18 January at 8.30* am for Angkor Temple Run (16 km)
On Saturday, 18 January at 8.30* am for Angkor Nordic Walking (16 km)

*Needless to remind you that this program may be modified by some unexpected imperatives.

Runners are expected on Elephant Terrace before the race for a race briefing (see timing for each race). After this briefing you will be taken by mini bus to your corresponding starting line.

trait séparationFor riders registered at the Ultra Trail of Angkor 128 km and Bayon Trail 64km.

A minibus will be at your disposal for the hotel Paradise. Departure of the minibus at 3.00* am precise Saturday 19 January Riders who do not want to take this minibus will join us directly at the Terrace of the Elephants

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Only for runners housed by the organization

Participants have subscribed to the hotel package by minibus from the Paradise Hotel. All the other participants will join us directly at the Terrasse des Elephants by their own means.

For all but the UTA, meeting point is at Elephant Terrace. This prestigious site for Cambodians is located in front of the ruins of the Royal Palace, close to the city of Angkor Thom. From Elephant Terrace and after the briefing by Gregoire, Race Director, you will be brought by bus to your specific start line. For your tracks to be as attractive as possible, we chose as last year to bring you as far as possible, given your race distance.

– Departure at 4:00 am for runners from the  Marathon Trail 42 (4:30 am – Race Briefing Elephant Terrace)
– Departure at 5:00 am for runners from the Jungle Trail 32 (5:30 am – Race Briefing Elephant Terrace)
– Departure at 06:30 am for runners from the Temple Run 16 and Nordic Walking 16 and Walk and Hike (7:15 am – Race Briefing Elephant Terrace)

Shuttles to the start line:
minibusAll shuttles from Marathon Trail 42, Jungle Trail 32, Temple Run 16 and Nordic Walking 16 and Walk en and Hike 16 will depart from the Elephants Terrase. Take precautions to arrive on time. A badge will be issued to you at the withdrawal of the bibs to enter the site of Angkor.

Other runners will have to take their precautions to met us at the Elephant Terrace by their own means. Not to worry, there are many tuktuk in Siem Reap and only a 20min ride. And they all know Elephant Terrace.

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Many are worried about the entrance fee to the site. Is the entrance fee included in your bib? Yes, of course. We, SDPO, are a team of volunteers who’s only goal is to satisfy you. One of our objectives is to offer you a correct price for your race with the best benefits. So YES, the entrance fee is included in the price, but only for the race.

Companion, are not granted a pass to the race location by local authorities. We are offering a chance to get a pass by subscribing to our charity initiative “Grande marche Humanitaire Mr. Nez Rouge”, thru a 30 euros fee.

trait séparationMandatory equipement

Mandatory Equipment

Cloakroom and rest area:

vestiaireA locker room will be available at the Terrace of Elephants. At the halfway point, participants of the Ultra Trail of Angkor 128 will have access to this locker room located on the course. Bunks will be provided.

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Logo KulenLE FRUIT

SUPPLY FIELDS: Frequency of points – Every 5 km for the 16 km, 32 km AND 42 KM (with NATUREL MINERAL WATER KULEN  and fruity drinks LE FRUIT / dried fruit / fresh fruit)
– Every 10 km for the UTA 128 and 64 km which will be modulated according to difficulties of the course (with water supply / dried fruit / fresh fruit)
– Midway for the Angkor Ultra Trail (with more refreshing cooling and hot – soup / rice) Elephant Terrace – base of life with rest area, medical and spare

There will be no energy drinks at the refueling points

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Each runner must wear his bib clearly visible. Each bib will have its own color code.

The bib is nominative and must be permanently visible on the front of the chest or on the belly, whatever the weather and clothing equipment.

Important: SDPO can not be held responsible for any problem on the course if a rider participates in the event with a bib not belonging to him.
Remember to wear safety pins to hang the bib on your shirt.

Participants of the Walk and Hike will only have an identification bib.

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Medical certificate*

The Medical certificate form provided by the organization in the registration folder must be validated by a doctor (preferably by a sport specialized doctor). Only the organization’s medical form will be accepted.


*In case of non-presentation of the medical certificate and to avoid being disqualified, the competitor agrees to sign a discharge and becomes solely responsible in case of physical problems that he/she may encounter during the race.

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Age categories 2019 Regulations FFA (French)


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The awards ceremony will begin at 12:00  at Elephant Terrasse on Saturday, January 18th.. Timing with the Cambodian authorities, this award ceremony will start without waiting for the arrival of the last rider of  the Ultra Trail of Angkor. Catégories concerned: NW 16, TR 16, JT 32, MT 42 and BT 64

1er /2ème/3ème/4ème/5ème (classement scratch)
1er /2ème/3ème/4ème/5ème
1er /2ème/3ème/4ème/5ème

For the UTA 128, the award ceremony will take place at Paradise Hotel at 11h00 am

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Medical advice


Prevention is better than cure !   This is why a medical evaluation is recommended before departure. Our journey will take us in the province of Siem Reap where the climate conditions and hygiene can sometimes seem difficult . However, if you choose accommodation in hotels selected by SDPO, don’t worry.To complete […]

For assistance

For assistance to another competitor, the time spent with the runners, until the help arrives, will be deducted from the final timing. This time will be communicated to the organization by the participant. The deducted time will be defined by the organization between the time of the call-out and the time on-site.

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Information: formalities to enter the country, Visa requests
Drapeau Cambodgien
A visa is mandatory to enter Cambodia.
If your are landing by plane at Siem Reap airport you will find a visas counter. Prepare 30$ and an identity photo.
You will have a tourism visa with a single entry for a stay in Cambodia of 30 days. It is valid for 3 months after emission.
Important: a visa will only be delivered on a passport valid 6 months after you leave the country.
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