UFE THAILANDEL’Union des Français de l’Etranger (UFE), is a social network which gather French, French speaking and Francophiles around the world. This association insure a bond with France, defending French people interests and give them support and mutual aid every day.  Founded in 1927, it has more than 170 representations leaded by volunteers in around hundred countries.

UFE Thailand sticks to 4 essentials values: welcoming, mutual aid, conviviality and spreading.

  • Welcoming: first steps in the country, first contacts with those who want to join us.
  • Mutual aid: helping hand between those who know and those who need to be guided.
  • Conviviality: the best way to forge strong social networks and to gather around cultural activities, gastronomic events, informative events…
  • Spreading: because each representation of UFE is a little piece of France overseas.

UFE Thailand signed up to participate to these races organized in a magnificent setting to help three local NGO’s.

Join UFE : www.ufe.org/thailande/adherez-lufe-thailande

For more informations : www.ufe.org/thailandewww.facebook.com/ufethailande/

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